As a represent of Dutch dance industry, Brennan Heart is one of the leading brands in international hardstyle music. NOVAZ produced the imaging for his worldwide radio show “we are hardstyle” and the SLAM!FM adaption called: “SLAM! Harder”. Voiced by award winning top dog Dave Foxx. Handled with grace by the audio production team at NOVAZ.

NOVAZ is prefered supplier of out of this world imaging for the biggest names in today’s dance music. Recently we have provided jingles and imaging for some of the world’s leading DJ’s and producers in France, Germany, UK, Holland and the US. 
Now, check out the imaging for Dutch DJ/Producer duo: Matt & Kendo. Their new radio show airs now!

NOVAZ imaging for Boom Festival Italy. Featuring an opener for the radioshow, DJ intro drops for the event and sound design for the video teaser.

DJ Drop voor de NONSTOP Radioshow van ACKTION

Supported by BBC Radio 1, Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Paul Oakenfold, Moguai, Joey Suki and many more; San Diego’s finest DJ / Producer Jason Ross now has NOVAZ imaging for his brand new radio show.

Radiospot voor APEK RADIO

Spicing up the Caribbean grooves; new imaging for Natsuj’s Hot Grooves on Radio One Curacao.

Since March 2006, Gareth Emery’s radio show is considered one of the first dance music podcasts, and has been nominated for “Best Podcast” at the Miami Winter Music Conference’s International Dance Music Awards three times. Starting Electric for Life (worldwide on iTunes and Sirius XM), Gareth Emery went to NOVAZ to create imaging and DJ-Drops for his award winning show.

Hot imaging for Shelby Stingley’s brand new show: Fresh Future Radio

INFINITE is the montly show by hardstyle duo AUDIOTRICZ. Their show is online and broadcasted monthly by SLAM!FM in The Netherlands.